Friday, March 19, 2010

10th Week FINAL (10 Marc 2010)

Focus on Asian Public Relations Management- Richard Stanton

Especially Asia, it is very different in culture and language compared to Western countries. To engage the people, one must understand their culture and accept it that it is part of them that makes them special and respect the culture. For example, the muslims are conservative people and they do not consume pork. The Koreans and Japanese are very well mannered. They respect their superiors and elderly, therefore one must not be rude before an elderly. To make someone from a country accept you as a foreigner, it is best to speak their language. I've been to Korea 2 years ago and I found out that when I spoke to the vendors in English, they just treated me coldly. But when I spoke in basic Korean, the treatment was different. The people were amazed and happy that I took the initiative to learn their native. Then I was able to immerse myself in their culture. As Public Relation officer, we have to be sensitive to other countries' culture and language. Instead of critiquing it or anything, why not take a step back and understand their culture, enjoy being in a foreign land and learn as we seep in the traditions.

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  1. I feel that if we were to become PRs we need to learn the language and culture not only for the benefit of learning but to also be part of them. Once we are part of them, they will accepted by them which is important especially if we are in a foreign country.