Friday, March 19, 2010

8th Week (24 Feb 2010)

An Issues-Crisis Perspective-Gwyneth Howell
reflect and discuss
  • There is a range of websites offering information about organizations and individuals all the time. Visit and Think about how you would respond if your company appeared in one of these reports.
I've chanced upon this article about Ericsson giving away free laptops. This rumor was circulated in emails asking people to forward this particular email to 8 people in 2 weeks. If you've done that, Ericsson will send you a free T18 Ericsson laptop and if you send it to 20 people, you'll receive a free Ericsson R320. (refer to fig.1)

The truth is that Ericsson is not giving away any laptops, moreover it's a cell phone company.

Standing from a consumer point of view, I would think that Ericsson is making use of this method to gain free publicity by the "word of mouth" which is the email. So if my company were to be in this situation, I would alert the police and hold a press conference. I would highlight that this is not a marketing gimmick and apologize to those who are conned. I will also highlight that if there are such promotions, it will be telecasted over radio, television and the print media. There will also be verification numbers along the vouchers or such. I also encourage if the public were to encounter such an email or via other means, feel free to call my company's customer service line.

fig. 1

Free Ericsson laptops?. Retrieved March 19, 2010, from

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  1. I think I was a victim. I received an email from them and replied hoping I would get one in return. I was a fool to do so.

    Moving on, I think if this was a method to gain publicity their reputation will or might go down the drain. People or customers hoped and believed that they will be receiving a laptop but in the end they didn't. Thus this could affect their sales . I believe they should do such a thing in the future. I would not want to keep my customer on high hopes. Its not worth doing it cause in the end, we might be on the losing end.