Friday, March 19, 2010

6th Week (10 Feb 2010)

Public Relations Practice- Gae Synnot

reflect and discuss
  • Think about the values that are important to you.
Following the eight categories of public relations effectiveness, the values that are important to me falls under the category of work practices and approach, skills abilities and knowledge, personal attributes and judgement and ethics. Individuals have to take responsibility for their work,be committed to getting the job done. Employers and clients will be able to feel the effort in our work if we put in the heart and soul into what we're doing. I feel that we cannot be too selfish with what we know. Meaning, giving and sharing of advice will add value to whatever we are doing. I also feel that being people oriented is important. We should build good connection with people and be genuine with the people around us, so that there are more willing to share their knowledge with us. I believe that honesty is very important, so is being ethical in our work aspect. We have to be a person of integrity, therefore people will have trust in us and see us as a whole.
  • Would these values influence you in the type of organization you might choose to work for? In what way?
To a large extent these values will influence the type of organization I'll work for. If the values of the company and mine do not differ much, I'll keep it in consideration. However if the difference in values are large, I would not want to work there as having to work in an environment that is not honest, ethically upright,taking each job with a slip short attitude will affect my personal progress and I would not be proud of my work and would not have a sense of belonging to the company.
  • Can you think of an organization that appears to have values you might find difficult to accept?
Instead of suggesting a company that I find difficult to accept, I suggest a company that shares similar values that I have, Ogilvy & Mather.
Watch this video to feel the healthy vibe the company offer to young students.


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  1. I couldn't agree more with your answer for the first question. All your answers compliments each.

    I think another values that are important to you should be respect.So we should respect others and should be respected by others to prove our humane identity among all other creatures present on this earth. The awareness about respect must be instilled in every human being from his childhood whether he belongs to a lower social class or an aristocratic section of society. Respecting your parents, teachers and elders is the main step towards teaching the meaning and importance of respect in our life.