Friday, March 19, 2010

7th Week (17 Feb 2010)

Using social media to find a job

I agree to a certain extant that social media helps us to build our social presence. I believe that social media makes it easier for us to find a job. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MSN allows us to create the ideal profile we want others to know about us. We add people from all walks of life on your account which enable us to have a larger network of friends which might be of help in searching for a job. For example, my cousin posted on his Facebook wall, " Looking for job..any lobang(means connection in malay)?" and people started posting comments such as who and who is hiring, he may try sending in his resume.

However, there are risks for both employers and employees. Some organizations are out there to scam people into joining them and might cheat their money. Other risks such as employees find that the job introduced may not be up to expectation, employers find that employees are not as described on their social media sites.

Social media can be of help to find a job, it also can cause you to lose your job.
Employers are all on the look out for their employees. Employees think that it is safe to comment on anything on their personal page, but many have forgotten that they got employed via social media, meaning their bosses can view their page anytime.

Therefore, we have to be accountable for what we type on our social media sites. It can be a helping tool for us to get a job, it can also help us lose a job.

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