Friday, March 19, 2010

9th Week (3 Mar 2010)

New Media and Public Relations- Paull Young

We all know how blogs and online media are taking over traditional newspapers, therefore, internet TV taking over traditional TV is not at all surprising. A TV-like screen, located in domestic and other spaces and transmitting signs from other places, will be the future. It may even be that television as a word comes to take over what we now call “new media.” - Toby Miller ( Journal)internet tv is going to be as common as tv and in future new media = television. Many reports shows that new media is taking over traditional media. Text books are written to introduce new media. For example: Literacy in the New Media Age by Gunther Kress. This is to prove that public relations have to move with time and technology.

One of the examples that best show using new media:

In the United States, reports show around nearly 20% of households with internet access use it to watch television broadcasts either via channel sites or YouTube, double the number two years ago. - The Conference Board and TNS, Consumer Internet Barometer, September 2008.

Therefore, Jana Bennet, Director of BBC Vision said during the press release on 19/11/2008 "From 27 November licence fee payers will be able to watch BBC programmes, live, wherever they are in the UK on their computers, mobile phones and other portable devices."Through iPlayer and series stacking, they'll have the option to catch up with them later."


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  1. I would say when the internet is competing with traditional television , the internet win hands down.The internet has become more advanced and there are much more information found on the internet compared to the television.

    In addition, technology is ever changing over the past few years. I agree with your statement on PR has to move with time and technology. Being a PR it already screams out that you have to be updated on the latest information about everything and anything so this means that you have to be ahead of everyone.